Q: How much does it cost to advertise in Local Deals Magazine?
A: You can advertise with us for as low as $212.00 per month - less than 2 cents per household per issue

Q: What does the price include?
A: Everything! Your ad costs include printing, binding, postage, and FREE ad design if you need it. We do not charge set-up fees or any other fees. Basically, you call us and we do the rest. We also post your ad on our website and even link back to your website at no additional charge. This allows you and your customers to spread the word via the Internet.

Q: Where does the magazine get distributed?
A: Each magazine is hand delivered by the USPS all residential addresses in La Plata County, NO LESS than 25,000 homes.  The magazine is also placed at the Durango Public Library & FLC Student Union so that customers can always find it when they need it.

Q: Do I need a contract for the year?
A: Absolutely not! You can always test your offer in Local Deals Magazine, although we highly recommend no less than three (3) issues to measure the response of your ad.

Q: How often is Local Deals Coupon Magazine mailed?
A: We mail six (6) times each year - approximately every 8 weeks. This ensures that your offer is fresh, timely and up front in consumer's minds. Our mailing schedule also give you the opportunity to change your offer every 1-2 months depending on the seasonal variations of your business or what you would like to offer.

Q: What is an "Art Deadline"?
A: For each issue, we designate an "Art Deadline". This deadline helps keep our art department from going crazy in the last week before final art is due to the print shop. We will accept art or proof changes after this deadline - by a day or so - although we would much rather work with you long before that to meet your artwork needs. To avoid the rush, please contact us to reserve space and design your ad.

Q: Can Local Deals Magazine help me build an effective ad?
A: Absolutely! We take pride in making sure that your ad pleases you and your customers. While we offer the finest in ad design, the absolutely best way to ensure results is with a great offer. Your customers want a "deal", something they consider valuable. When deciding on an offer, we want to help you ensure that your offer is going to produce repeat business.